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Why have I removed my Archives page? It’s wasted space. A simple statistics or analytics tool would tell you that no one is really interested in picking a random month and read the articles.

As most of the traffic is generated by search engines, the Archives are useful just to show off how long have you been blogging, and how many articles per month have you written.

I went through a thorough clean up a while ago, and I never thought about the Archives.

If your theme allows it, place the Archives at the bottom, or in one of the footer columns. Don’t let it waste your space in the sidebar. No one cares. You could add on your tagline “Blogging since 2004”, but if your blog is less than a year old, than wipe out those Archives.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Need An Archive Page?

  1. I can see where an Archive page isn’t really all that necessary but…I authored an industry blog at one point and I was constantly referencing the posts in my archive and so were other readers (surprisingly enough). When I’d visit other blogs, I’d do the same.

    Do I think that you need to go ALL OUT and create an Archive Page? I think that your archives are fine sitting at the bottom of your page as you suggested…there’s less clutter that way ya know…

  2. I think I’ll create an Archives page, because my theme doesn’t allow footer widgets. Someone might be interested in some old article someday, just like you said.

  3. Also, there is the possibility of duplication issues with WP archiving?

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