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I was reading an article on InfoWorld about Google and Microsoft.

The deal to let Google sell its ads on Yahoo’s Web site, and share an estimated $800 million a year in revenue, is bad for business, bad for consumers, and bad for IT. It will raise Web advertising rates by more than 20 percent. It ought to be stopped.

I’m just wondering now, isn’t this deal raising the earnings for AdSense contextual advertising? Or, if they remain the same, there will be a massive filtering in companies which advertise with Google. Again, that’s a good point, however there are many more variables involved in this giants’ game.

If we do this deal with Google, Yahoo will become part of Google’s pole, and Microsoft … would not be strong enough in this market to remain a pole of its own,

declared Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang.

I, as a blogger, ask “So what?” I, like many other bloggers webwide, don’t have any share in this game. I’ll just observe Google becoming a second Microsoft.

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