ImagePress Elements

This plugin bundle requires ImagePress and contains several modules including email approval, bulk upload, category listing and a user directory.

ImagePress Elements v1.0.0

Last released on April 23, 2018 in WordPress Plugins

Price: €19.99 · License: GPL-3.0 · Reviews

This plugin bundle requires ImagePress and contains the following features:

Email Image Approval

This feature adds the ability to review and approve posts for publishing via email.

Upon saving (or creating) a post where the post status is set to “draft” or “pending review”, the site administrator will receive an email containing the post’s title, publish date, categories, and the content of the post. At the end of the email, there will be a link to approve the post. Clicking the link will set the post to be published on the set publish date.

Go to the Email Approval menu item in your ImagePress settings and set up your options.

ImagePress Email Approval

Dashboard Bulk Upload

Automatically create images with an assigned featured image from every image upload via Media Library.

Through the plugin settings page, you can set the image to publish and assign itself to one of your other existing custom post types.

The imagined use case is to make uploading a large number of photos through WordPress a little more manageable.

After uploading 10, 100, or 1000 pictures from an event or vacation, you and other users can go through and spend the majority of your time adding content, tags, and titles to your photographs rather than going through a monotonous process creating new posts over and over again.

ImagePress Bulk Upload

Category shortcode (unstyled)

A simple, unstyled ul/li list of all ImagePress categories. See example below:


User directory shortcode (unstyled)

A simple, unstyled ul/li list of all ImagePress authors (or users with published images). See example below:



= 1.0.0 =
* First public release

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