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How to make money on the Internet. Sell Ad Space. Do it now. Well, that’s just one side of it. It seems that here in Europe, we only have Google AdSense and Text Link Ads. I decided to join both of them and make a comparison.

Google AdSense is moving slowly. Or my sites don’t get enough traffic to convert it into “click” clients. I have improved the ad placement on all network sites and now I am waiting. I will wat for 3 months to see the traffic volume on one single site with equal traffic for both Google AdSense and Text Link Ads.

I would like to share with me your experiences on Text Link Ads, because this advertisement system is new for me. I will keep you informed on my traffic and conversion details.

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One thought on “Easy money on the Internet

  1. Yes, you are right. When I just started my website I didn’t make one cent from Adsense. But now 6 months later I am making a decnt income with Adsense because I have now the traffic I need to convert clicks.

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