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I decided to share all my eBooks on programming. This week is MySQL.

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which has more than 11 million installations. The program runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. MySQL is popular for web applications and acts as the database component of the LAMP, BAMP, MAMP, and WAMP platforms (Linux/BSD/Mac/Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python), and for open-source bug tracking tools like Bugzilla. Its popularity for use with web applications is closely tied to the popularity of PHP and Ruby on Rails, which are often combined with MySQL. PHP and MySQL are essential components for running popular content management systems such as Drupal, e107, Joomla!, WordPress and some BitTorrent trackers.

  • Wiley – PHP 5 and MySQL Bible
  • Wiley – For Dummies – PHP and MySQL for Dummies – 3rd Edition
  • Wiley – For Dummies – SQL for Dummies – 5th Edition
  • Wiley – For Dummies – SQL for Dummies – 6th Edition
  • Webmonkey – php Mysql Tutorial
  • Visibooks – Guide to MySQL Basics
  • Slides – Web Performance and Scalability with MySQL
  • Slides – MySQL, PHP, Stuff
  • Slides – MySQL Optimization
  • Premier Press – PHP and MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner
  • O’Reilly – MySQL Cookbook
  • MySQL Technical Reference Manual
  • Article – MySQL PHP Tutorial
  • Article – Create Dynamic Sites with PHP and MySQL
  • Apress – The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5
  • Apress – Pro MySQL
  • Apress – Expert MySQL
  • Apress – Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8
  • Apress – Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL – Second Edition
  • Addison-Wesley – SQL for MySQL Developers

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