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eCards plugin update

This fresh eCards update fixes two small issues, one pertaining to eCards reordering, and another one to empty statistics (this happens when you first install the plugin).

= 2.4.6 =

  • FIX: Fixed eCards chart when the plugin is first installed (no statistics)
  • FEATURE: eCards can now be reordered from the Gallery screen

Why setting email name and address to each sender is bad

Let’s suppose Timmy sends an eCard from your site. He fills in his name and address and you want the receiver to get the email from Timmy’s name and address, even though he did not send the email from his email client. That is 100% spam.

The solutions remains using a third-party plugin, such as Mail From II to set up a unique name and email address as the sender. Timmy’s address will appear in his email footer, so that the receiver will know who sent him the eCard.

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