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Welcome back, or just welcome for those who reached this page for the first time. For you, I have RSS subscription options, RSS reader or email. Good.

I am waiting for my first payment from Google. It will arrive around February 5th. I’ll let you know the amount and maybe a picture with the check. Oh come on, I know you want it.

What do I mean by experience level acquired? When I first started my blog I used to get inspiration from other SEO blogs, I used to rewrite tutorials, recreate strategies and reinvent tactics. Right now, I get inspiration from my own blogging experience. Not only for this blog, but for other blogs of mine, and other network web sites. There comes a time when we get fed up with SEO, money-making and marketing advice from an over-saturated blogs market. I’m thinking of writing some new articles about corporate identity, corporate branding, high-level marketing and some more. Just keep in touch, I know the posting frequency has decreased but I’m trying to concentrate on quality, not on quantity and news reporting.

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3 thoughts on “Experience Level Acquired

  1. I would love to read those blogs you want to post about the high level marketting, I used to write before but then I stopped, I just didn’t have enough time for them, but I love to read what is new and interesting, and I would love to learn from others, so really I will be waiting for them,

    About quality and quantity, I agree with you that quality is important, but also from my previous experience I think quantity is also required sometimes, cause readers want always to read what is new, and when they like a writer then they keep expecting a lot from himher, but then when they don’t write frequently enough or they stop for a while then they just shift to others and gradually you lose them, any way, wish you good luck,

    oh, by the way, good luck for your paycheck and I would love to hear the good news about it and may be see it and dream to have one like it someday, lol.

  2. Thanks for your wishes, I already started my Corporate Identity series. If you will come here regularly, you will see my articles about branding, identity and marketing.

    Indeed, quantity is important, but always combined with quality.

  3. I am looking forward for your articles, honestly I am learning a lot from reading all this, it hurts my eyes sometimes and I am trying to take some breaks other time, but I love to learn, if I don’t do it now then may be in the future it will be more harder for me, unless microsoft would come up with a new software that all you need to do is to think of something and then it will be done, lol.

    Thank you so much.

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