How to set up file sending pricing plans

WP Send does not include any pricing or membership features. However, the plugin works with all membership plugins out there.

If you have a membership plugin installed and you have different pages assigned to different pricing plans, you can add the shortcode with different parameters.

For example, you could have 3 pricing plans, Free, Advanced and Pro.

You will have 3 pages, each assigned to a membership/pricing plan, and each of these pages will have a different shortcode:

Free page: [send limit="32" expire="3"]

This is the Free page, with a limit of 32MB and 3 day expiration.

Advanced page: [send limit="128" expire="7"]

This is the Advanced page, with a limit of 128MB and one week expiration.

Pro page: [send limit="1024" expire="30"]

And finally, this is the Pro page, with a limit of 1GB and one month expiration.