How to set up the WP Send plugin

All Options Explained

Welcome to WP Send settings, where you’ll learn how to set up your plugin for a smooth functionality.

If you have been using the free sending feature for a while and noticed spam submissions, use the Akismet plugin and enable the option in your plugin.

If you want to allow users to use their Dropbox, enable the option and set up an app In Dropbox (just follow the steps). Note that Dropbox files are not subject to any filesize or expiration notification, as the file will not be deleted from Dropbox.

If you want to redirect the user to another page, such as a Thank You page or an upsell page for a higher plan, use the Redirection options.

This is your email template. You need to use a reusable block to set it up. Reusable blocks are native to WordPress 5+.

Note that some of the block editor styles will not be available inside your email client (e.g. columns, buttons and so on).

Here’s an example of an email template:

Edit your subject line and the email template as you see fit.

To avoid your email adress being marked as spam, it is highly recommended that your “from” domain match your website. Some hosts may require that your “from” address be a legitimate address.

Sometimes emails end up in your spam (or junk) folder. Sometimes they don’t arrive at all. While the latter may indicate a server issue, the former may easily be fixed by setting up a dedicated email address ( or

If your host blocks the mail() function, or if you notice errors or restrictions, configure your WordPress site to use SMTP. We recommend Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log.

In case you need to translate your sending options and labels, use the Labels section and modify each label as you see fit.