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If you’re a web site designer/builder, highly experienced or beginner, and you haven’t used WordPress to build a web site yet, then you’re missing out on one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to build a super looking web site.

If your perception of WordPress is that it is for blogging and bloggers and not good for much of anything else, then boy are you missing the boat.

WordPress is extremely powerful, highly versatile, extremely customizable, unusually easy to install, and pleasingly low priced (as in free).

There are all kinds of free and custom themes for WordPress available and you can quickly transform a plain looking site into a very professional looking site that rivals the work of many high priced professional web site designers.

Using a few of the hundreds and hundreds of plugins available for WordPress, you can transform your WordPress site into a sophisticated and highly automated web site that would make any geeky web site code writer jealous.

Not counting the hundreds of free themes available for WordPress there are also some highly specialized custom themes for WordPress available that can have your WordPress web site up and running and looking superb in just a couple of hours, and at a very low cost.

Specialty premium themes are available in areas such as music, news, photo sites, real estate, sports, sports teams, grunge, ecommerce, corporate, business, blogging, social, magazines, technology, and more. You can see demo sites and test drive themes of this type at premium WordPress themes

Two of my very favorite providers of custom themes for WordPress are ITheme and Revolution.

Plugins are add-on components that you can quicky and easily install in WordPress. A lot of them are free to download and install, and others are sold at prices that are usually very reasonable for the work that they perform for your web site.

There are plugins that will handle SEO choires on your web site. There are plugins that will automatically backup your WordPress database and email you the backup files. There are plugins that will manage AdSense ads on your site.

There are plugins that will put a contact form on your site so you don’t need to disclose your email address to spammers.

There are plugins that will transform your WordPress web site into a fully operational ecommerce site complete with shopping cart, payment processing, and product delivery.

There are plugins that will transform your WordPress site into a membership site, with comprehensive member management, one-time and recurring payment processing, and member content management. I have used a plugin called membership site plugin by YourMember to handle the membership management on one of my web sites, and I have been really pleased with the way it works, and the level of support I have received from the two guys that developed it. Information on this WordPress membership site plugin is available at YourMember WordPress membership site plugin

A different type of membership site management component just recently appeared on the market that can drip feed your content to members of your web site, which means new members will not be able to access all of the content that old members have access to unless they remain a member and have the content parceled out to them each month. This is a feature that has been greatly needed in membership site management tools. This component is named DAP membership site plugin, or Digital Access Pass, and you can learn about all of the features available at DAP plugin for WordPress.

All in all, WordPress is a web site builders dream come true. It’s fast, easy, free, and works beautifully. How can you beat a combination like that?

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