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Firefox 3 Beta is now USB-Ready! After it has been publicly released about a month ago, it is now available for download from

I like it, the interface seems fresh (not many changes), and it seems to work faster. Or it’s maybe just my enthusiasm. ou like

However, I noticed some problems – it’s still beta, remember – such as the new bookmarking system not working from the first click. Hell, from the first 10 clicks. The internal name is “test”, but this may be the result of modifying the engine for portability.

If you like Firefox, and if you like USB Flash Disks, download theportable version now. I actually recommend it to the classic version, because you may back it up along with your extensions and themes, and after a system reinstallation – or other kind of system maintenance – you won’t have to go through finding all your previous themes and extensions. You’ll definitely forgot one.

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