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I’ve heard that Mozilla is trying to break a record with the Firefox 3 downloads. I read that they had over 8,000,000 downloads in 24 hours! That’s great as Firefox is my favourite web browser.

It’s faster than Firefox 2, and now it supports one of my favourite extensions, the Page Saver. This tool is very useful as I use it to capture screens for my WordPress themes. What’s best is that it can capture the active screen or the entire web page, even it it not entirely visible.

Anyway, back to Firefox 3, I had no problem so far, I have antivirus integration, compatible Firebug and integrated tab saving.

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6 thoughts on “Firefox 3 Record

  1. They maybe set the record but their new browser is still the most unstable out of big 5. Shame really.

  2. I received an email from the SpreadFirefox team today that they have set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours — 8,002,530 downloads! I received the email because I am part of the World Record who has downloaded FF3 on their download day.. :)

  3. Cool Stuff, I got the email and took advantage of the personalised Certificate. FF rocks and IE sucks

  4. Firefox is my choice for years now, and I welcome each and every of their updates.

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