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The game has changed. Could this be the future of web-based (browser-based) games? Vladamir has detailed Canvas 3D in Firefox and has created an add-on that we can install:

There are two contexts provided by the extension. “moz-gles11? follows the OpenGL ES 1.1 spec very closely, providing an almost identical API and feature set, and “moz-glweb20? follows OpenGL ES 2.0 closely. Both are implemented directly on top of desktop OpenGL, so you must have support for at least OpenGL 1.5 on the desktop for the “moz-gles11? context and OpenGL 2.0 for the “moz-glweb20? context.

OpenGL was chosen as the base API for a number of reasons. It is a standardized, proven cross-platform API. 3D is a complex subject, and providing a fully-featured API will allow developers to create libraries and toolkits to abstract away the complexity in ways that are specific to their application, without being tied into a specific approach. Using a standard API also allows us to leverage the vast developer base out there who have OpenGL knowledge. OpenGL ES is also the standard for 3D on mobile devices, ensuring that any 3D content will be able to migrate to mobile devices as the web becomes more and more featureful on such devices.

Read more at I am thinking about how would my game look like in Canvas 3D.

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