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This is the first post after upgrading to WordPress 2.5. It went smoother than any other upgrade. I was a little scared after reading some forum discussions about fatal errors and undefined stuff. Not a single problem for me.


Later edit:

  1. I don’t like where the categories are placed, should have been to the right;
  2. I forgot to add tags to this article;
  3. The “Add” button from the tags field is redundant. Or is it?
  4. The “Publish” button should have been bigger. And red! And flashing!

I will get used to the new interface. I’m an up-to-date freak. I like to have the latest version. But as I have learned from my own software, I should wait at least one update after a major release. Like 2.5.1 after this 2.5 release. But I was too anxious to see it in action.

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2 thoughts on “First 2.5 Post

  1. Isn’t 2.5 smooth? Pretty new dashboard. But yeah it will take some getting used to the new positions for things.

  2. Yeah, I like it, I think I’m getting used to it, as I’m using WordPress 2.5 on several blogs.

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