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Well, it’s been 3 full months since I started this blog, and I’m making a thorough evaluation. I gained lots of backlinks, I made new friends, I learned some stuff and I’ve read lots of professional blogs.

At the time of writing this article, Googlebot last successfully accessed my home page on October 28, 2007. I’ve increased my PageRank from 3 to 4. Take a look at the PageRank of my internal pages. My total backlinks increased from 0 to 1440, and I managed to raise a total of 4706 links to external sites. Google indicates that the number of pages crawled by the Googlebot everyday increased exponentially.

Also, Google Analytics tells me that unique visitors increased slowly.

I have around 60 unique visitors per day with 100 to 300 page impressions per day. I reached 1000 unique visitors per month with 2000-3000 impressions. That’s pretty good for 3 months. My blog is a long-term development project, so I’m not hunting for visitors.

My Alexa Rank is 594.769. From more than 3.000.000. See here (both the Alexa rank and the current Google PageRank for homepage.

I’ve changed the theme from 2 columns to 3 columns, to have more space for affiliate banners. I’ve noticed that 125/125px banners are the best ones. Also, I had to have more space for blogroll and links.

I will write more regularly and consistently. A friend told me these days that you can make good money by doing what you like, but you will need to make sacrifices. Lots of them. Especially if you want to become an authority in a certain niche, and gain respect and visitors.

I’ve already set up some deadlines and plans and updates for the near future. The next 3 months will be crucial for my blog’s development.

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2 thoughts on “First 3 Months Of Blogging Round-Up

  1. interesting, that is good for three months how do you popularize your blog? do you get the majority from searchengines or other sites? I am a new blogger and want to learn as much as I can, any tips you can give would be appreciated.

  2. Well, yes. Over these 3 months, I’ve build up some search engine “food”, my articles. I also have visits from other blogs I comment on. There are also forums, blog catalogs, private invitations, a few from blogroll links.

    It need lots of work to promote it, send e-mails, comment on other blogs (quality comments that is), help other people on forums. In fact, this is a great way: your blog has a topic. Find forums on your topic and help other people with advice, information, tips, even articles. You will sure gain some backlinks and visits.

    Read more of my blogs articles and you will find some great ways of optimizing and promoting your blog.

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