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GAA Fixtures and Results

After more than a year, the Fixtures and Results plugin gets a long-awaited update.

= 2.0 =

* Added maintenance/clean up buttons (duplicate players, empty URLs)
* Added missing notification styles
* Added native WordPress icons (Dashicons)
* Added dynamic pagination for fixtures and results
* Changed Twitter button to use HTTPS protocol and the new /intent/ URL
* Changed all backend screens to use native WordPress styles
* Changed input fields to use HTML5 types (url, number)
* Removed deprecated form validation and replaced it with HTML5 native validation
* Players are now unique, no more duplicate player names
* Minified CSS styles
* Cleaned up old editor button JS

As most users use the plugin for GAA sports, I have rebranded it as GAA Fixtures & Results. It seems more appropriate for its purpose. Among the many new features, I have added dynamic jQuery pagination for fixtures, results and archives, external (minified) CSS support, lots of performance improvements and a fresh WordPress backend.

Upgrading the plugin is easy, just remove the old version and add the new one.

Check the Options page and clean up your database, by removing duplicate players, removing empty homepage values (orphaned http:// values) and by optimizing the fragmented tables. Make sure you fill in your club name and a positive value for the number of results per page.

GAA Fixtures and Results Settings

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