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Well, it seems there are many competitors for and worldwide. One of them is So if you want to have your own blogging space online, head to and create your blog. The moment I saw the theme I trusted the site. It’s a clear theme resembling Yahoo and Excite a while ago. Not to Web 2.0-ish, allows users to create a free blog or personal online journal. Upload photos, videos, podcasts, chat in the community forums and bookmark the latest news. allows you to decide for each blog post if you want it to be public, private, or only viewable by your friends and family. Free unlimited bandwidth.

That’s a good point, as you can use the bandwidth to upload pictures, link to videos and write lots and lots of text. It is not based on any blog platform, so the chances of hacking into your account are small. Another thing I like is that the content is filtered. Posts and articles not safe for children’s eyes are labeled “Explicit Content”.

One thing I don’t totally agree is the URL address a user gets after registering: I would prefer Sounds like a sentence, right?

Nevertheless, is still in Beta, and lots of changes and features are to be done and fixed until the final release.

The community forum helps you find your way into, or troubleshoot issues.

Another thing I liked was the ability to upload photos, videos or create a podcast. Really sweet. Are you convinced? Go make a blog and publish your thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “Free Blogs For Everyone

  1. I will complete agree with you here “One thing I don’t totally agree is the URL address a user gets after registering:” Anyways thanks for an interesting post

  2. Keep on blogging, we need you. I’ve got so much useful stuff from your blog and really value you opinion in this stuff.

  3. thanks for that… ive ben scouring the interwebs for free blog engines where you can host your blog for free… also try,, and who all have online blog engines.

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