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Really good stuff on SEO. I think the widgets are very good for testing various aspects involved by SEO. Here’s an excerpt:

These Google Gadgets are lightweight XML programs that allow you to place interactive data inside web pages. This technology is useful for researching compact data points like site age, related keywords, or the quantity of inbound links pointing at a page… all the types of data points that are included in SEO for Firefox and a few that are not. If you prefer to have this type of data accessible from a toolbar we also created numerous SEO buttons for the Google Toolbar.

And if you want to add them on your web site, visit I would have added the gadgets myself, but the current theme doesn’t fit them anywhere. I just use them on a regular basis from the site itself [SEOBook Tools]

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3 thoughts on “Free SEO & Internet Marketing Google Gadget Tools

  1. Hello There,
    We made this free webtool for creating googlesitemaps. You can download it for free, give us your opinion, Thanks.

  2. I usually leave gadgets like this alone only because of the fickleness of Google. they change their rules so much, that there is no full proof method of ranking high in the search engines or getting high page rank. The only way to do this, is to keep increasing your backlinks. Not even optimizing your site can really help you.

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