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I am looking forward to get new software in 2010. A quick top 5 of these software solutions is:

1. Firefox 3.6

It’s been in beta state way too long and it’s time to have it live.

2. WordPress 2.9.1 (maybe 2.9.2)

With a lot of bug fixes from a minor release, 2.9.1 should be ready by January 2010.

3. Server2Go 1.8.0

Again, a long time since a release, Server2Go should upgrade PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and provide speed optimizations.

4. Open Realty 2.6.0 (maybe 3.0)

A lot of bugs in the current releases, but Open Realty is the number one script for Realtors. I use it for 2 clients, and write 3 more from scratch based on Open Realty features.

5. jQuery 1.3.3 (maybe 1.4.0)

I don’t really hope for a 1.4.0 leap, but the current version needs more optimizations and simplification.

To be fair with myself, I’ll release in January fresh versions of Whiskey Air WordPress theme with 2.9 optimizations, Portable phpMyAdmin, Butterfly Query Admin, Butterfly Organizer and (em)phasis.

I also have several other undisclosed projects to be released sometimes in 2010.

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3 thoughts on “Free Software To Be Released In 2010

  1. great post!
    but i really want to know if i develop free software can i get a lot of money? :(
    .-= tom´s last blog ..Quick Repair For Leaking Pipes =-.

    1. You might get lucky and get famous. You can charge for anything after that. :)

  2. Looks like this new year has lot to look forward to…

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