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I was watching yesterday evening the first day of Obama’s presidency. There are some big changes ahead, I can feel it. And they’d better be good changes.

I decided to take Google’s example and shut down some of my small ongoing projects. And I’m talking about some web sites that I did not have the time to properly promote and optimize. As a matter of fact, the future was kind of bleak for those sites. I’ll just focus on my working projects and develop them as I should.

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5 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News, Changes

  1. I think you´re better to concentrate on a few things at a time and give them your full attention. The smaller projects, as you said, weren´t going anywhere so now you can focus wholey on the projects which are worth your time and effort.

    I watched the inauguration as well.. CNN was terribly exciting! I feel like there will be a lot of change too.. I certainly hope we´re not all disappointed by what Obama has to give.. I hear he´s aready started his duties.. Come on Obama… prove us all right!

  2. Yeah i feel big changes are coming soon.

    Talking about changes i love your new theme.

    It’s different from the last ime i visited.

    Great job

  3. I changed my theme for 2009, removed some unnecessary clutter from the old one, and ended up with this. There still are some tweaks to be made, but they’ll just have to wait a while.

    I will also release my old theme after cleaning it up and dusting off. I still like it. Maybe someone will find a good use of it.

  4. hope make a world to change to be better,.congratulations

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