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Google+ Pages for business is ready, brands are now rolling out. My activity stream is filled with people showcasing their new Google+ Pages.

The wait is over for Google+ Pages. Today, Google officially announced the impending arrival of new Google+ Pages for brands and businesses, a big piece of the Google+ puzzle that has been promised for months and marketers have been eagerly anticipating.

Google+ Pages vs. Profiles

At first glance, Google+ Pages and Profiles appear almost identical, but there are some subtle differences. They are:

  • Pages can’t add people to circles unless someone adds a Google+ Page to their circles or mentions (using the + or @ before the name) the page.
  • Pages are for entities; profiles are for people.
  • Pages are public by default.
  • Pages have a +1 button.
  • Pages can’t +1 other pages, play games, share to extended circles, receive notifications via email, text, or Google+ bar, or hangout on mobile devices.

Some of the pages Google already set up for its own web properties are:

When referring to a Google page, one must place a + sign in front of the name, just like Twitter prefixes all accounts with a @ sign. So, my Google+ page would be referred as +getButterfly.

Head over to to start your own page for your business, brand, place or… anything that you think is amazing that the community will love.

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