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A week ago, I was asked by Google if I want to join my AdSense account with the rest of services provided by the G-monster, such as Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and so on. I said yes, the other option was “ask me later”.

Today, Google’s Analytics asked me if I want to share the site’s traffic reports and analysis with other services, maybe Webmaster Tools, for a “better user experience”, better tracking, better error reporting and better behaviour.

I like this and I tried to find out more on these decisions. However, today I noticed that my Webmaster Tools account was functioning erroneously, reporting 0 (zero) incoming and outgoing links.

Perhaps they should update the backend structure management server, instead of providing false data to users. I shall check out my links tomorrow and see if they are back to normal.

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5 thoughts on “Google Is Unifying Accounts

  1. I didn’t know that, I’m not using AdSense or Analytics for now. But good info for the future :)

  2. Starting troubles? Sloppiness? Jump in and then learn to swim? You cannot predict anything about the big G!

  3. I remember seeing an email from google yesterday but didn’t read it. I’ve been busy trying, and failing, to take over the world. If anyone wants to read my latest attempt, it is here –

  4. its a bad idea that accounts are all now link. I thing they should at the very least require a separate login for all of their apps

  5. No way, I hated when I had to log in to AdSense then log in to Webmaster Tools or Analytics. Too many passwords.

    Like this, all you have is a large Google account with all valuable tolls in one place. Don’t you think?

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