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Blog search engine Technorati recently tried to re-invent itself as a memetracker of sorts, changing its homepage to reflect the most popular blog posts at a given point in time. Today, Google Blog Search – long just a blog-focused version of the company’s core search engine – has followed Technorati’s lead and launched a destination site of its own.

Much like Technorati, Google Blog Search now organizes posts into a variety of topics – such as politics, technology, and entertainment – and then shows the most popular stories within them. Blog posts about the same topic are grouped into what Google calls “clusters” – with rankings determined by what looks to be a combination of the breadth and velocity of coverage. Each cluster includes a Google Trends-like graph indicating how many blog posts have been made about the given topic during each hour of the day.

Source: Mashable

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2 thoughts on “Google Searches Blogs

  1. i’ve read about this. still have to give it a try though. i wonder also if people will use this.

  2. It certainly looks like it has potential. Google should incorporate these results into their regular news page — give more power to the people!

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