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An animated documentary explaining inventions ranging from time sharing to filesharing, from ARPANET to Internet.

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

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12 thoughts on “History Of the Internet

  1. I agree with you @background screening. It is really accurate. I think that this movie should watch all, no mater what is their profession. This thing is maybe important like knowing what’s are pyramid or knowing about Chinese wall.

  2. press CTRL SHIFT H on your keyboard then click history
    ha ha ha. Just joking but this post really interested thank for this video

  3. That was a super video. It is really fascinating to see how the internet has developed over time. I studied computing for a while, but it really helps to have diagrams as well, to show all the nodes and their links to each other. I took a look on the website and there are a few more videos about internet history there as well

  4. I think Seaward is a funny man but Hitmeister is professional and his contain is so nice about ‘History of Internet.’ ;-)

  5. Definitely worth sharing, especially with the younger generation that do not remember pre-internet times. It is amazing how far we’ve come in such a short time too!

  6. Good information about the internet history and Seaward and Hitmeister both are right and thanks to share this video with us.

  7. The way explained history of internet via video quite interesting.

  8. Great post. We all owe alot to the internet.

  9. A superb learning experience aided by clean simple animations. Great voice too.

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