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The Facebook Platform team is always looking for ways to make your apps more responsive and simpler to manage. With these two goals in mind, we’re happy to announce several new beta features.

And the features are (among others):

  1. Cookies
  2. Improved AJAX support
  3. Cached Include files
  4. Admin API

I, myself, like the cached Include files (from a programmer’s point of view). Facebook explains this technique as:

To further speed up canvas pages, we now allow you to specify link tags on canvas pages that point to external CSS files, in addition to script src tags to point to FBJS files. This saves the processing time of sending these files through our sanitizer on each request and caches these files on the user’s browser.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Presents from Facebook Platform

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  2. These new Beta Features will definitely have a positive impact in helping to increase the speed of serving pages to users. I especially like the use of integrating specifying link tags on canvas pages that point to external style sheet files. Very useful.

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