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New updates to Butterfly Media Romania Blog. I decided to save some bandwidth and remove the SezWho plugin, the SezWho badge and Red Carpet, the square AdSense block in the right sidebar, the Blog Catalog Badge showing a score of about 55.6, the Alexa rank image, as true optimizers have the Alexa plugin in their favourite (Firefox) browser.Also, I’m now testing EntreCard to see how useful and feasible it is. I will start a 3 months test period. Right now, I’m checking my stats for my affiliates 125 banners to the right to see which one to keep, and which one to throw away.

There are the widgets, Blog Catalog and MyBlogCatalog which I’m not yet convinced they really help. What do these widgets actually do? They show me which respective users/members visited my blog. I don’t really bother to look at those visits too often. I’ll search some more reviews and decide if I should remove them. Time to live: 1 month.

More optimization should come soon. What do you do to optimize your blog?

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9 thoughts on “How Do You Optimize Your Blog?

  1. Good, Blog Catalog and/or SezWho really blows.

  2. sorry to hear that you did not find the sezwho system to be useful on your blog. Typically we find that our impact on loadtime / bandwidth to be minimal. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve our service and help you to further engage your blog community.

    thanks – tedd at sezwho

  3. Sometimes taking stuff out is as important for optimization as putting stuff in. Your site looks pretty nice!

  4. Hey,

    We have turned on the compression for the js and css that is reducing the download size by over 80%…Also let me know if you have any feedback for us…


  5. Well, thanks for your comments, I will reconsider SezWho in a few days, I still have the plugin installed, but deactivated.

    I was a little busy these days, but with the release of WordPress 2.5, I’ll have to decide what to keep and what to lose.

  6. I will do it today, and I will delete some other unuseful widgets. This blog need a little cleanup. Thanks for your interest in SezWho working on my blog.

  7. Hey, Jitendra again…Check out the new rev…it has a lot nicer ui config options and flexibility in addition to a number of features.


  8. Removing Sezwho to save some time and load on the server does not bring as big benefit as leaving sezwho doing its job. You should consider leaving sezwho plugin on.

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