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How do you read an article? I’m sure you read hundreds of blog articles every day and you need a discipline while doing this.

There are several types of reading an article. The first on is the classic, read the article from the beginning to the end. I f you like and understand it, good for you. But do you have time to read hundreds of articles daily? What about scanning them?

Like reading just the first paragraphs. Or the lines written with bold characters. Or just read the title and then jump to comments? You need a lot of self-discipline in order to read many articles a day, visit many pages, and write some articles of your own. I speak out of experience.

I learned with time how to read articles, how to comment, how to understand them, how to agree or disagree with the author’s opinion, and what is the next thing to do after reading it. You accumulate lots of ideas during a day’s web surfing. Make some order in your thoughts and make a list with what you want to do next. Maybe it’s time to write an article and stop trying to understand my article. It’s pure rambling.

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