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During the last 6 months, my support forums have become the main target of spammers. About 50 new posts and threads were posted every day.

If you’re not familiar with my forum plugin, I’m using  Mingle Forum (1.0.34) with Mingle Forum Guest Info add-on (1.0.1). The latter allows guest posting on my forum, so users don’t need to register. This way, I get lots of subscribers and easier forum posting.

The other day, I tried to add reCAPTCHA to the forum and I opened the forum add-on file in Notepad++. What a surprise! I discovered this add-on was using Ban Hammer plugin (if installed, no notice otherwise). So, I got the Ban Hammer plugin (2.3), which, again, to my big surprise was still maintained (by Mika Epstein) and activated it.

I still had a problem, and that was the sheer number of spam subscriptions. Spam users. One-time accounts. The only plugin capable of deleting them based on spam algorithms was WangGuard. So, I got WangGuard (1.5.6), got a free API key, configured it and ran it for the first time. Half of the users got marked as sploggers and deleted.

No spammer accessed the forum in 2 days. Victory is mine!

Note: Mingle Forum Guest Info is terribly outdated, and it will probably be removed from the repository. Get an updated version from my github account:

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