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It’s all common sense. It’s all about not cramming every existing tracking code on your site, every social remarketing script and every heatmap generator out there.

Here’s how I optimized my Google PageSpeed score and added a few points. Remember, each point accounts for a certain percentage of users lost or gained.

Here’s the lowdown:

16.11.2015 – 58/100
Removed BuiltWith script (I’ve been using a user capture script, which turned out to be unreliable)
Removed all commenting plugins (Jetpack comments are good enough for the current level of users and comments)

17.11.2015 – 60/100
Remove TrustedSite script (check the green lock icon in your browser’s address bar, we are certified)
Optimized eCards plugin (the plugin was enqueuing some unnecessary files on the frontend)

20.11.2015 – 73/100
Removed Cloudflare due to SSL conflicts (site was not available in some countries or in some public spaces, such as coffee shops or airports)

25.11.2015 – 80/100
Removed PositiveSSL logo (with the Google’s HTTPS race, I don’t need this is necessary anymore)

Lost some points by adding the Hello bar – do me a favour and like our Facebook page – and a client retention script.

All in all, the speed increase has brought me some new users and subscribers.

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