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How many articles should you write per day? Well, depending on your blog’s topic, the number of daily posts should range from 1 to 5. If you write large, comprehensive, insight articles you should concentrate on 1 to 2 articles a day. If you can write more, do it, but watch out not to lose track and consistency.

If you like to be a reporter on your blog like Matthew Mullenweg, then go ahead and write up to 5 articles. You can write more but try and report only useful stuff for your visitors. A good advice from a friend is to place a picture inside every article, to catch the visitor’s eye and read the article, be it long or short.

And, as a final step, promote your daily articles. Take some time in the evening and promote all your posts. If you think one of your articles is the best for that day, start promoting it immediately by commenting on other blogs or writing some tips on forums and do not forget to mention your latest article. By the next day you will have received some visits and maybe some comments.

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11 thoughts on “How Many Articles Should You Write Each Day

  1. I recently did a blogging blitz between Oct 6 and Oct 31 where I published 200 articles, an average of 8 posts a day. The objective was to quickly build content. It’s not a pace I would recommend unless blogging was your full time job. I’ll be cutting this pace back to something more reasonable now.

  2. That’s very good, I think you wrote quality content, not 8 news per day. I would like to increase my articles per day for the next 3 months. Not 8, but 5-6.

  3. Will 1 article per week to little in order to get visitors and search engine traffic?

    JM´s last blog post..My First Netbook

  4. It’s good for the beginning. You should also make contacts, and comment on other blogs. And, by looking at your blog, you should blend the ads with the design. Looks more professional.

  5. I write only 2 article each day…but when i walk out of town, not write anything for about 2 days. But till now, my blog still not have any visitor. Very sad.
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..How to forget first love =-.

  6. great article, I was wondering if i was putting in too much work by posting 1 article per day on my blog, than using a article spinner to submit it to over 400 directories every day. Been doing this for the past 30 days as part of my 90 day plan. I will have over 50,000 links to my site after i’m done, is that too much too fast?

  7. Very informative article! I was wondering that can we submit more articles to one directory a day? Does GOOGLE allows this? for example I would like to submit 5 articles daily on , is it fine? Because personally i believe it gets me loads of traffic but I am afraid that if its allowed by google or not? I will highly appreciate your answer and thanks for the article anyway!

  8. Article writing is very important, but the trick is writing quality, useful and relevant content. I am not a fan of article spinning to be honest.

  9. I try to write at least one post a day for each of my blogs, but if I don’t have anything valuable to say that day I skip the post. I’d much rather add value to my reader’s lives than simply add to the noise.

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