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TwitterDue to the deprecation of the unauthenticated v1.0 API, extracting latest tweets as widgets is no longer working. Twitter wants your only option for on-page widgets to be their own Embedded Timelines, which some people consider to be bad practice.

Here’s a bit of a discussion from Twitter’s dev forum.

“There are no client-side only solutions besides what we offer in our Twitter for Websites family of products at this time. If you want to use the API itself, you’ll need to use server-side OAuth. If you want to engage with the platform client-side, you’ll need to use the Tweet Button, Follow Button, Embeddable Timelines, Embeddable Tweets, the tweet, follow, favorite, and retweet web intents, and their accompanying javascript events. We’re still working on this client-side family of products and there may be further enhancements to the API’s auth model in the future that would make client-side development more palatable.”

This leads us to creating an embeddable timeline. To create a timeline you must be signed in to and visit the widgets section of your settings page. From this page you can see a list of the timelines you’ve configured and create new timelines.

Click on Create New and configure a new timeline. The default dimensions for a timeline are 520×600px, so set a smaller height if you need one. Remember to copy the widget code every time you make a change. For a quick and clean box, you should exclude replies and disable photos auto-expand.

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