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I guess you’ve got used to the Windows Mobile tutorial series by now, and you’re ready to read how to add more plugins to your Core Pocket Media Player.

These plugins include AC3 audio decoder, FFMpeg, Ogg Vorbis, and more. If you are unable to see or hear a video, this could be the cause of it.

All plugins install the same, so I’ll just show you how to install the AC3 plugin.

Open the plugin archive and select the installation type. You can choose Windows Mobile CAB if you intend to install it straight from your smartphone. I chose the Active Sync method.

Follow these steps in order to install it, both on your computer and on your smartphone. The installation should last no more than 15 seconds overall.

Be careful and select the same partition for the plugin as you used for TCPMP. So, if you installed TCPMP on your storage card, you should install the plugin in the same location.

Congratulations, you can now watch AC3 encoded videos with full sound effects.

EDIT: Download here the FLV plugin. Install it directly from your phone.

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  1. these all plugin are very useful and impressive.

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