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So you decided to create a lot of web sites to make money out of them. You are the administrator of almost 10 web sites (static, dynamic, CMS, whatever). You want more because you think more web sites will bring you more money. Actually, more web sites will bring you more trouble IF you don’t get over the second phase with them.

What is the second phase?

The first phase is the phase when you have your web site up and running on a web server, with no errors.

The second phase is MARKETING. It is the most important phase.

So you have these 10 web sites with little to no marketing and promotion. This includes a basic search engine optimization. Forget the other planned web sites. Start growing these and you will be very glad. The earnings will start flowing in, and your web sites will be more and more popular.

How to do it?

First of all you should start validating your web sites. Make a list of them, and decide which one does not validate. Try using a Strict Doctype if your web site does not use transitional items such as IFrames.

Second, try and apply a SEOed XHTML structure, such as H1, H2, P, ALT, TITLE elements. This helps a lot. Verify if the search engines are actually spidering your web sites.

Try these specialized services:

Try some of these tools to see how your web sites are currently ranking and what the keywords are:

Start optimizing, adding keywords, changing your overall page structure to allow search engine bots to read more of your actual content, and not just the header, the menu, and the sidebar.

Start creating backlinks. This one is a serious task. You need lots of backlinks to raise your web sites’ value. This is usually accomplished by exchanging links, commenting on blogs, or writing on forums. Again, you should be very organized and respect a tight schedule.

I decided to grow my web sites, one per month. Writing articles, commenting, exchanging links, promoting, writing on forums, making friends and asking them to review my web sites, my tools, or my articles; these are the strategies I will mostly use in 2009.

What are your strategies?

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9 thoughts on “How To Add Value To Your Existent Sites

  1. Exactly, and there’s a lot of hard work to do. It’s geometric progression for PR ranking to grow.

    It’s like very easy to go to PR1, then PR2, then it’s a little hard to get PR3, and then it just doubles.

    And then, there’s a continuous stream of work, marketing, promotion, linking, writing, commenting and everything. I should know best for my list of over 10 web sites (both blogs and othr CMSs).

  2. That’s a very nice little list for start up sites to get the SEO going. If you follow these steps you’ll probably get that PR up to 3! Then the hard work starts!!

  3. “more web sites will bring you more trouble” I quote this and totally agree with it. I have bad experience with this technique. But, I when I realized about that, I try to focus on one blog for a month and after that make a schedule post. Than I continue to my other blog, and it’s work :D

  4. I use this tools on my site.

    The most useful is obviously Google webmaster tools, it really shows you the relevant data to make decisions.

  5. In my experience optimisation should go hand in hand with development. There is no need to create websites and only then optimise them. This can lead to serious problems such as complete redesign… One should bear in mind that the best marketing strategy is thinking one step beyond. Otherwise you could end up building new layouts instead of writing new content.

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