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I just ran into a cheap ebook sold somewhere on the Internet. It was all about backup. It was a routine job and it was done using free scripts, so I do not understand why the payment. Remember I told you not to buy ebooks from the Internet? And I mean ebooks that claim to teach you high-rated secrets.

Here’s 2 ways to backup your database:

1. The cPanel way. cPanel is widely used by hosting companies as a backend for their clients. It consists of a control panel (hence the name) for email, subdomains, backups, installations, databases and many, many more. This tutorial is made for beginners, so we will not delve into the secrets of phpMyAdmin.

Go to the Backups section.

Notice the Download a MySQL Database Backup section. You may have only one database or more. Select the one you’re interested in and download it. The extension is .sql.gz, a heavily compressed text archive. That is all. Store the file somewhere safe, and repeat these steps monthly (or whenever you think it’s necessary). Some web site owners do it every day, even every hour.

2. If you are using a blog engine (WordPress in our case), you should be aware that there are a number of plug-ins to help you backup your database. These plug-ins can backup your tables either automatically (every n hours/days/weeks), or on-demand. I, for one prefer the former for my daily updated blogs, and the latter for my passive blogs. I do a database backup whenever I update them.

That’s it. No need for cheap ebooks to learn you this easy stuff.

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6 thoughts on “How To Backup Your Database

  1. Thanks for the tip.

    You’ve always got to backup, but these are simple steps one forgets easily

  2. thanks for this tutorial, mind converting it to video?

  3. I don’t mind, I just lack time. Though a video tutorials section sounds tempting. Not now, anyway.

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