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This question is written all over the Internet and thousands of answers are offered each day.

A successful blogger is an active, hard-working, full-time, self-employed person, trying to learn from other bloggers experience.

A successful blogger reads more than writes. A percentage statistics says that you have to read 10 articles and write one article. Research and development for a new article takes time, and references. So, for a successful article, a good blogger reads and filters 10 other articles, extracts what’s best in each of them, and writes a best quality article.

Note to average bloggers: In no case should a blogger read one article and write 10 smaller articles based on that one. He/she will suddenly become a (very) unsuccessful blogger.

A successful blogger makes some planning around before each new initiative he/she takes regarding his blog. Have other people tried it? What do they think about it? Is it good for my blog? Will it suit my blog? Will I make money out of it? Enough to keep in on the page? A successful blogger might even write a review about it before starting. Or a poll. Do not throw stuff on your blog just to see if it looks good. And not everything that looks good is profitable.

A successful blogger doesn’t copy an article because he/she thinks the subject makes all the money in the world. If that’s the case, the successful blogger knows that all the money are already on the way to the article he just read.

A successful blogger anticipates new trends and writes about them. It is also worth keeping an eye on emerging trends in blogging and new media as there are plenty of opportunities to take in terms of how you communicate that are worth being ready for also.

A successful blogger is often a voracious consumer of information in many forms and have the ability to keep his/her mind across many different fields at once.

A successful blogger speaks to his/her readers as if they were home in front of a bottle of beer. Familiarity characterises a successful blogger throughout his/her articles. A successful blogger writes about him/her more than average bloggers. Every 20 articles, there is a personal article with insights and glances inside the blogger’s life.

A successful blogger writes interesting stuff (really?!). The blogosphere is filled with millions of blogs, many of which that talk almost aimlessly about anything and everything associated with a given topic. They often are very reactionary to what others are writing and in many instances aimlessly recycle other people’s content in a way that adds no real value to readers. A good blogger extracts useful information from 10 articles and quotes all sources he’d used. So if he/she used 10 sources, and the source blog pings him/her back and follows the link, our successful blogger just gained 10 backlinks.

A successful blogger has 3 words and repeats them every night during sleep: persistence, consistency and discipline. Successful bloggers work hard and are in it for the long haul – blogs rarely become successful without hard work over a sustained period of time.

A successful blogger know what he/she blogs about and don’t stray outside of these boundaries. Ever. Successful bloggers have their own niche and two or three side categories at the max, which they write about.

I hope this advice might come in handy for some of the bloggers out there. I’m looking forward to hear what you think about this list and to add more.

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