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The story of building a great site. A success site.

With that, I thought I’d pause to reflect on some of the design and strategy choices I made with and share them here. I’ve often tried to be ‘transparent’ about the work done on projects here, in the hope that it stimulates useful thought or conversation in other projects elsewhere, and partly to facilitate my own reflections on work. None of what follows is rocket science, and it’s not the place to look for thoughts on 2.0/3.0, social software, or urban informatics. That would be in the accounts of different projects. But if you’re interested in the honest craft of website work, almost deliberately old-fashioned ‘classical’ web design – and how to ally this with innovation in magazine publishing – the following should provide a decent account of several of the key decisions in this particular project.

Read the story behind Monocle.

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3 thoughts on “How To Build A Success Site

  1. I am sorry Chip, in my overenthusiasm, I commented on your post on ampersand what needed to be posted here. I just wanted to express my awe at the very inspiring, albeit long story. Very informative and detailed. Thank you for the post

  2. No problem, it is a great story indeed. It gives me thousands of ideas.

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