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I would say the easiest method of building backlinks is commenting on other blogs. However, on most blogs, the rel=”nofollow” attribute is enforced. So you don’t gain anything from those particular blogs, except for some visits, depending on traffic. This is good too, but on the long term, the visits would decrease.

Find blogs stating they do follow links, or link love, or no nofollow. Comment on them, but try to avoid like hell phrases such as “Good article”, “Nice tips”, “Nice tits” (I actually read a comment like that), and so on. Try to give advice, try to provide insight help, tell a joke, write a tutorial, write another article if necessary. Imagine what would think about a comment like yours on your blog.

Commenting on “do follow” blogs not only increase your backlinks, but brings you visits, makes you new friends, socialize (cliches in general).

As a side note, my blog does follow links. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “How To Build Backlinks

  1. I am in 100% agreement with you.

  2. That is not much better than one or two of the examples that were posted !

    It is a two way street. If the blog owner is kind enough to allow a follow link, then you owe it to them to make a positive contribution with a good and relevant post, like this one !

  3. I like posting even if there’s a nofollow. Simply having my link out there is better than not. Someone might see it and eventually link to me because of it. But of course dofollow is excellent — especially if they have some pagerank already!

  4. I am an SEO that works for a company “of which I will not name” but this is basically a staple concept in seo and in todays social media explosion also one of the easiest ways to accumulate backlinks quickly (and brings extremely relevant traffic – ‘and assisting with googles theming algorithm’).
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