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Another great article from MetaTitan, how to check your blog’s link popularity with Google, Yahoo and Alexa. Check the original article or read more to see the code.

// Setting the URL variable
$link = $_GET['url'];

// Google Backlinks
function fetch_google($uri) {
$uri = trim(eregi_replace('http://', '', $uri)); $uri = trim(eregi_replace('http', '', $uri));
$url = ''.$uri;
$v = file_get_contents($url);
preg_match('/of about \<b\>(.*?)\<\/b\>/si',$v,$r);
return ($r[1]) ? $r[1] : '0';

// Yahoo Inlinks
function fetch_yahoo($uri) {
$uri = trim(eregi_replace('http://', '', $uri)); $uri = trim(eregi_replace('http', '', $uri));
$url = ''.$uri.'&bwm=i&bwmf=s&bwmo=&fr2=seo-rd-se';
$v = file_get_contents($url);
preg_match('/of about \<strong\>(.*?) \<\/strong\>/si',$v,$r);
return ($r[1]) ? $r[1] : '0';

// Alexa Rating
function fetch_alexa($uri){
$uri = trim(eregi_replace('http://', '', $uri)); $uri = trim(eregi_replace('http', '', $uri));
$url = '' . urlencode($uri);
$v = file_get_contents($url);
preg_match('/\<popularity url\="(.*?)" TEXT\="([0-9]+)"\/\>/si', $v, $r);
return ($r[2]) ? $r[2] : '0';

// Page Header
echo "<h2>Search Engine Popularity</h2>";

// Display Links and Information
if (isset($link)) {
echo "<strong>URL:</strong> " . $link . "<br />";
echo "<strong>Google Backlinks:</strong> " . fetch_google($link) . "<br />";
echo "<strong>Yahoo Backlinks:</strong> " . fetch_yahoo($link) . "<br />";
echo "<strong>Alexa Rating:</strong> " . fetch_alexa($link) . "<br />";

// Search Form
echo "<br />
<form action=\"linkcheck.php\" method=\"get\">
<input type=\"text\" name=\"url\" />
<input type=\"submit\" />


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One thought on “How to Check Link Popularity in Google & Yahoo With PHP

  1. Cool info, thanks. I use an SEO extension on my Firefox browser. But I see how I could use PHP and a cron job on my server to automatically email me my stats.


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