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The button label is the text on the Submit button. Use a short expression, such as Send eCard or Send me now or even Go!.

eCards Buttons

The eCard behaviour option controls how the email is rendered. Show or hide the actual eCard image, show a link to the original image or show a link to the eCard page. Or simply hide everything and repurpose the email. The link anchor is the text to be linked in case you choose this option.

eCards Behaviour

The “Require recipient email address” option toggles the recipient email address input field. This option changes the email behaviour and sends all eCards to a unique, preset email address. A possible scenario for this kind of behavior would be a contact form.

eCards Email

Styling the eCard form

Either let the eCard form blend in with your own theme, inheriting your own styles for input fields, textareas and submit buttons, or choose one of the preexisting themes.

  • Vintage is my choice, the one I used on my site.
  • Metro resembles Microsoft Windows 8 style and comes in two flavours, light and dark.

Both are HTML5 valid, depending on your plugin configuration (there is an option that toggles email field, will talk about it later).

eCards Style

Email template

Use a universal (global) name (such as your site’s name) and a non-existing (or unused) email address (such as or, or leave the fields blank to use the sender’s name and email (sometimes the messages may land in Spam folder).

There is also an option to hide the message area, in case you want to tip a friend. It all depends on what you want to achieve by using the plugin.

eCards Email Validation

The email validation option activates the “email” input type (new in HTML5):

<input type="email">

A requirement to this would be your theme having the HTML5 doctype:

<!DOCTYPE html>

This option allows for a valid address only (and only one). Deactivating it, allows the sender to add multiple addresses, separated by comma.

Keeping out Spam

Having a form on your site will certainly attract spammers, so you have a CAPTCHA option available. Either use reCAPTCHA™ or a simple question (translatable via the included .po file). Both options are effective.



This new feature allows the user to select a file from his/her Dropbox account. This file (document, image, software) will be sent as a link only, with no preview.

eCards Dropbox

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