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I’m sure we all faced this question at least once. Being a freelancer (a legal one) I need serious clients, at least until I build a bigger expense fund. Taking into account that I ceased activity at my last full time workplace, I needed cash to pay taxes and to support myself. Once in a while, and especially when I need money, a client is late with payment. Late meaning more than two weeks.

As this thing occurred with web hosting clients, I was leaning towards suspending their sites. It’s not nice to do it, buy, hey, I am a hosting reseller client also, and my grace period is 10 days. What happens after 10 days, you ask? Site suspended with the possibility of payment in 24 hours. After that, no traces of my sites will be available on my account. Should I do this as well to my clients? I’m sure I’ll get the money in a week or two, but that’s no way of doing business. And without reciprocal respect, it’s kinda hard to build a serious client pack and a reputation.

What do you do in these cases?

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3 thoughts on “How To Deal With Clients That Don’t Pay

  1. lols.. Clients that are late to pay are big headaches… Not just in hosting space but just for every major space in online business..

  2. Some pecuniary measures are welcome in case of a contract violation. If you promised and delivered your services on time then you have nothing to worry about.

    Suspend them and you’ll see what happens afterward. In my case if a client is a bad payer then I remove his site from server and just keep it on my computer until they eventually pay :)
    .-= Alex Mielus´s last blog ..10 aplicatii excelente pentru Adobe Air =-.

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