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WordPress is the most used platform for blog, CMSs and web sites in general. Deziner Folio wrote an article on how to develop a WordPress theme.

If you are a theme developer, you may already know some theme creation secrets, if not try the following resources:

Good luck with your next theme!

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7 thoughts on “How To Develop A WordPress Theme

  1. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to develop themes?

    The best way to learn about it is by modifying existing themes. Do you have any knowledge in programming, such as PHP, HTML, CSS? It would help you a lot.

  2. I have just started playing around with creating my own themes. Here is a tutorial to get you started

  3. You just combined to of my favorite things… Deziner Folio and WordPress. I have read a lot of great articles and dowloaded some great resources over the years from Deziner Folio and WordPress… well wordpress just rocks! I am suprissed I had never seen this article before, since I have been to the site a lot. Thanks for the link

  4. Do you have any good pages to get unique WP themes? I’m sick of seeing all the same ones.

  5. WordPress is the most used platform for blog, CMSs and web sites in general.


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