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First of all, I should make clear that the marketing campaigns I will present here are “targeted mini campaigns”. Again I should note that this tutorial applies not only to blogs but to web sites.

A “targeted mini campaign”, referred from now on as a marketing campaign, will focus on certain aspects of optimization, promotion and advertising. Let’s see what are the steps involved in this process.

Prior to starting anything you should have the current web site or blog statistics situation written down. You should have your keyword behaviour, most active backlinks and most important referrals written down, too. This is to ensure a proper evaluation of your marketing campaign and to record the progress.

Let’s start!

Know the market. Before starting your actual marketing campaign you need a plan. Do some research and see what are the readers tendencies, behaviours and most searched keywords. Use a search engine of choice, do not focus on all of them. You will do this later.

Develop the strategy. The strategy will contain a period of time to achieve the plan, a search engine to monitor results and other catalog or directory sites to further monitor your results.

Fulfil the tasks. Do all the tasks in the desired, and planned, succession. Be sure not to miss anything. All tasks should have a time limit (e.g. optimizing web pages – 1 hour, comment on forums – 30 minutes, send emails – 10 minutes).

Analyze the results. This final step will be repeated weekly over a period of, let’s say 3 months, to allow search engines to pick up any changes made to your pages and record all back links. Compare the result with the initial list and check out the progress. Check to see which of your specific actions (forum commenting, emails, optimization) were most successful and try to extend their allowed timeframe. Focus on keywords, backlinks and site awareness by commenting on other forums and blogs. Add your signature with some keywords in anchor text on 30% of forums/blogs, other keywords on 30% of forums/blogs and your web site or blog name on the other 30%. The remaining 10% links may contain your name, or your URL address, or other text you may find useful.

That’s all of your marketing campaign. You may try and repeat it in 3 months, or do a different one with different goals. Remember always to compare the current and previous results, and focus on your most successful actions. Your web site or blog should start growing steadily, IF the marketing campaigns are applied correctly.

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