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Have a blog, have another one, have 10 more. Different niches, different topics. I still read many blogs whose authors state that they earn thousands of dollars by writing quality articles. It’s hard for me to believe just one blog could make all those money.

Since I ran into this business myself, I understood how AdSense works. One blog brings me less 5 percent of what I would like to earn. So I started new blogs and sites. Money come from everywhere. Not enough for a living though. But I understood that one needs many blogs to earn many dollars. Let’s say my target is 1 dollar per blog. This means 30 dollars per month for one blog. What about 10 blogs? 300 dollars. That’s a good earning. So I’ll go and make 1 dollar/blog my 2008 goal.

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9 thoughts on “How To Earn Money With AdSense

  1. That sounds great! Good luck and hope you can reach your target earnings for your adsense this year or even more earnings from it.

  2. That is a very interesting way of looking at it. I too find it hard to believe that someone with one blog can make a living out of it!

  3. I think $1 per day is a good goal for starting. Good Luck! I am currently making about 20 cents per day or about $6 per month.

  4. It seems like the most successful blogs out there don’t have people writing “quality articles.” They’re pop culture and celeb gossip sites that just have the pics and small, not really important “news” bits.

    I could be mistaken, but that seems like what the most popular ones are about.

  5. MPE, I’ve found that gossip and celebrity sites don’t usually get very good ad rates. I’ve actually owned highly specific niche sites that get almost no traffic and make more money than more popular sites about more general subjects.

  6. It’s very risky every time you choose to start a new web site. It’s hard to find an idea to monetize right from the start, and keep earning steadily over time.

    I’m trying to build up a network of sites (blogs, actually) to bring passive income. Right now, I have a recipes blog in progress, which right now has about 400 recipes. Each post is a recipe. Each recipe has its own ad block. I’m waiting for cash.

  7. I do this with ebay affiliate and generate tons of mass produced sites that generate me a few pennies a day. Multiply that by 1000s and you are laughing :D

  8. I think targeting $1/day/blog is a little lofty. It will take a lot of quality blogging on a lot of different blogs to make it even profitable. And you are content with making $300/month of blogging? I don’t even think that could support someone in wyoming

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