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Simple as that: (paid inclusion but still worth a try)

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15 thoughts on “How To Find DoFollow Blogs

  1. Thanks , keep up the good work, the links are useful

  2. Here are more dofollow blogs:

  3. Hey thanks for this great information. I didn’t know it was literally as simple as that :)

  4. There’s also Andy Beard’s ‘Ultimate List’ of dofollow blogs – I think Andy may have been at the beginning of the nofollow movement.

    Searching for DoFollow blogs is ok I think so long as you are approaching the blog with the intention of building a relationship, becoming part of their readership, and leaving valuable comments, as opposed to just looking for a blog from which to win a link. Instead, look at it as ‘prioritising’ your readering to dofollow blogs first.

  5. Awesome, a few extra backlinks never hurt!

    Still though, I have to wonder whether DoFollow is worth it. I believe in giving people a link as reward for commenting, but way too many people spam them.

  6. Yes, but there’s always spam fighters and blockers.

  7. This is a very good post and would be very useful to any SEO or Link Building Developer. DoFollows are heavensent.

  8. Awesome resource – I used to search for blogs using a simple semi-automated script.

    The only problem is that a lot of people just tend to spam these blogs which ruins it for everyone. Obviously I am looking to get a backlink, but I want to do it by posting a relevant (and hopefully useful) comment.

  9. Thanks for the info, I was looking for a better way to find dofollow blogs. My old tool doesn’t check for nofollow tags, and the new tool I downloaded I can’t seem to get to do anything at all so this info is welcomed. I am going to start playing with the footprint/keyword searches and see what happens. Thanks again.

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