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So, you pushed all your values to an array, and now you need to calculate the average value. Even if you have thousands of values, this function will iterate through all array items and return the average value:

function get_average($numbers, $decimals) {
    $a = $numbers;
    $b = 0;
    $c = 0;
    $d = 0;
    foreach($a as $b) {
        $c = $c + $b;

    return number_format($c/$d, $decimals);

This is how you display the average value:

$myarray = array();
// push elements to array
echo get_average($myarray, 2);

The function works both with integer values and with float values. Make sure you actually declare the variable as an array before pushing items into it. Some PHP versions might complain about this. Use var_dump($myarray) or print_r($myarray) to check if your array is well-formed.

As a bonus, this is how I use print_r():

function array_dump($array) {
    echo '<pre>';
    echo '</pre>';


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