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And not only.

I have recently implemented update notifications for my ImagePress plugin.


The idea is simple:

Read a remote XML file, get the version number and compare it to the installed one.

Display a “new update available” tag inside WordPress.

Do this once a day and cache the result.

In order to achieve this, here’s what you need to do:

1. Get the required files from github.

2. Add wp-update-notifier.php to your plugin or theme folder.

3. Make the necessary changes according to the comments inside the file.

// replace "PLUGINNAME", "pluginname" and "Plugin Name" by your plugin name to prevent conflicts between plugins using this script
// replace "" by your domain URL
// replace "envatousername" by your Envato username

4. Call the file inside your plugin: <?php require 'wp-update-notifier.php'; ?>

5. Add the XML file to your server and edit it accordingly.

I suppose one could add licensing verification by using the same process, although the XML file should not be publicly readable, or it should be encoded.

This code was adapted from Pippin Williamson’s library and modified for inclusion in my plugin.

This module can be used both for WordPress plugins and WordPress themes, don’t forget to change CodeCanyon to ThemeForest if you want to use it for a theme.

As always, feedback or pull requests are welcome.

Image credit: ethanollie

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