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I have recently had a situation on my hands, where attached PDFs had names like My-Document.pdf, and my-document.pdf would not work. While waiting for hosting support to fix it by activating the mod_speling module, here’s what I did:

First, I created a PHP file, called _renamer.php, and added this code:

$directory = 'wp-content/uploads/2014/02';

echo '<div>starting...</div>';

$files = scandir($directory);

foreach($files as $key => $name) {
$oldName = $name;
$newName = strtolower($name);
echo '<div>checking... ';
rename("$directory/$oldName", "$directory/$newName");
echo '' . $directory/$oldName . ' renamed to ' . $directory/$newName . '</div>';

The code above would rename all the files in the selected directory to lowercase. I only needed to change the directory path several times for each directory. Then, I ran

After the above operation was complete for all selected directories, I needed to update the post links and the post metas. The following SQL queries, run inside phpMyAdmin, will finish the process.

UPDATE wp_posts SET `guid` = LOWER(`guid`) WHERE post_type = 'attachment';
UPDATE wp_postmeta SET `meta_value` = LOWER(`meta_value`) WHERE meta_key = '_wp_attached_file';

Don’t forget to clear the cache, if using any plugin or CDN, and you’re done!

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