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Okay, so this is a temporary solution to a portable, zero-footprint coding environment. The only thing you need is a browser and an online connection (obviously). This solution is also not free, but the cost and the return on investment might be good, depending on what you code and how you sell your end product. My coding environment can push updates to an unlimited number of WordPress sites.

First, I set up a paid GitHub account and got a private workspace to work on several WordPress plugins.

Then, I set up an account with Cloud9 and linked it to my GitHub account. Cloud9 can pull, commit and push from and to GitHub with no additional configuration.

Third, I set up Andy Fragen’s GitHub Updater plugin to detect and automatically update plugins inside my WordPress development server.

Job done. So far, it worked without a hitch.

If you’re short of cash, you can edit files directly on github, as it allows for direct file modification, but the editor is not that good. The options I’m missing are keyboard saving (CTRL+S), theme support and file tree.

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