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Writing for 3 blogs has become a tad hard. But let me tell you what I do to help me stay on track. I write plans and TODO lists. My will is not strong enough so I have to stick to something. Blogging is not a full time job yet, and I have to run to my current day job, my family and my company.

Blogging has become a night job. Not a full night, but anyway, half the night, and that’s enough for a pair of red eyes and a tired body. A worn body, even.

I’ve written a whole bunch of articles for the Tavern of the White Wolf and now it’s time for promotion and advertisement. You know what this means? Some of you do know. Join gaming forums, join D&D blogs, web-rings, gather e-mails (and send messages), Digg, Stumble Upon, send to my friends and more, I just don’t remember now, there’s a TODO list somewhere.

Promotion is the key of traffic. I think my Tavern is quite interesting, having gathered some pretty old articles, resources and fiction. However, interested people don’t know it exists. I have to let them know.

That’s a first-thing-in-the-morning to do item.

Another key to success is self-discipline. You wanna do something? Well, work for it, God dammit! The AdSense dollars still come in small amounts, but that’s out of lack of promotion.

I will show you what self-discipline is and how to stick to a mission. One week mission it is.

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2 thoughts on “How To Stick To A Tight Schedule

  1. I hope you continue too. Of course, I could spend a year just reading everything you have already posted. But my votes for “keep blogging”.

  2. Thanks a lot. Comments like yours make me go on. I still have a lot to write about, and a lot to earn.

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