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So, you want to watch movies on your Windows Mobile smartphone device. The best plyer available its TCPMP, The Core Pocket Media Player. Best of all it’s free, however it has been discontinued.

First of all, you need Microsoft Active Sync up and running on your computer.

After the installation has completed on your computer, you’ll have to move to your smartphone. Select the location where you want the player installed. It’s best to install it on your storage card (if any), and I recommended a 256MB or higher capacity card. The installer should run smoothly now, and a confirmation screen appears.

That’s all, your player has been installed. Test it by accessing it from the Start menu. You have 2 menus, which will be presented in a future article. Open a file and enjoy your Core Pocket Media Player.

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7 thoughts on “How To Watch Movies On Your Smartphone

  1. what format does it play? co’z I only use my media player in my smartphone.

  2. Wow, this is wonderful tool, actually i own windows mobile HTC 3400i and i have tried to play one file but i was failed at that time. i am not sure whether this will work with my HTC model. will updates here soon

  3. Interesting.. today i have got something new to experiment on..! Anyways i need to get mass storage device plugged first.

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